Aggravated Sexual Battery Richmond Virginia

There are many crimes In Richmond Virginia that may take place under the category of sexual battery.  It includes both n violating and a sexual element that’s why very big and serious legal issue is. It means that if anybody who has the charge of the sexual battery can face many problems in the life and it will badly affect his or her life, even if the person is not founded guilt and an innocent person. If you are suffering from this kind of situation then you have to call us to hire a professional attorney for your case that will provide you a proper guide under the experience of their expertise.

Aggravated Sexual Battery:

Aggravated Sexual Battery is a big crime in Virginia. If any person found guilty because of committing the sexual battery crime then according to the Law he or she will be considered a criminal if they sexually abusing a person by touching them or if any of the following situations are true.

  • The victim is under the age of 13th
  • If the suspect’s do is from the will of the victim in which the force will be used
  • Sexually abusing through the exploitation of suspect that is related to the physical helplessness or mental incapacity of the victim
  • The suspect of the case can be grandparents, parents or the step parents and the age of victim will be 13 to 17 years.

However, if any of the following situations will be true the person will found guilty of Aggravated Sexual Battery even if he or she doesn’t touch the victim.

  • The age of the victim must be between 13th to 15th years
  • The person will trigger the serious mental or bodily injury to the victim of the case
  • The person will use any weapon just to treats

The guilty person then needs to pay for this crime according to the laws of federal government in Richmond Virginia. After considering them a criminal the court will order to put them into jail or they may also have to pay a bug fine of $100,000 which can be very difficult for them.

The person who will found guilty will surely have a long lasting effect on their lives because of paying the different penalties. Even you will be registered as a sex crime that can destroy their lives because it means that once the person will get free their name will be recorded into the national registry that can restrict where the person may work or live and whether you might have custody of your kid. You can also hire a sex battery attorney in Virginia that will help you to deal with these situations.

Circumstances That Make The Penalties More Severe:

Sometime in these types of cases the person who is punished as the aggravated sexual battery, the person who is guilty should serve an incarceration mandatory minimum period that is there is absolutely no potential for having any part of the shortened or suspended.  This is applied to those people who are the previous punished person by the sexual battery.