Computer Crimes Laws in Shenandoah Virginia

Nowadays almost all commerce related activities are conducted with the use of computers and internet. To protect consumers and businesses in Shenandoah Virginia, from improper use of computers, the Virginia Computer Act imposes several criminal and civil penalties for the illegal acts which are committed by using a computer. The Virginia Computer Crimes Law is found under section -18.2-152.1-15 in which it specifies several computer related crimes which includes fraud, trespassing, harassment, invasion of privacy, theft of computer services, transmitting unsolicited email and encryption used for any other crime. This act is a criminal statute and it also allows the recovery of any kind of damages in a civil suit. The damages that can be recovered includes lost profits.

According to computer crimes laws in Shenandoah, Virginia, the Computer Crimes Act forbids anyone from using a computer to communicate indecent, vulgar, blasphemous, lewd, lascivious or offensive language, or make any offer or suggestion of an indecent nature. The computer crimes law under section 18.2-152.2 highlights the definition of computer crimes as an act performed by the user to steal an individual’s or company’s private information.  Some examples of computer crimes includes:

  • Wrongly assessing a computer system
  • Changing, damaging, revealing or taking data or programs.
  • Leading a virus into a system
  • Using a computer to deceive
  • Interfering with the access of someone else’s computer
  • Using encryption to aid a crime
  • Forging email source info
  • Information stealing from a provider.

Common Computer Crimes You Can Be Charged With

In Shenandoah Virginia, you could be charged with cybercrime under Virginia computer crimes laws. There are also 40 different federal statutes used to prosecute individuals for computer crimes like internet fraud, pornography, drugs, online privacy, gambling, security fraud and many more.  The various crimes which comes under computer crime laws are:

  • Computer fraud which includes using a network or a computer without the authority to embezzle, steal or obtain property by false deceptions.
  • Spam includes using a computer to send unsolicited advertisement of false email transmissions.
  • Computer privacy invasion includes using computer to examine confidential information. Computer invasion of privacy arises when a person uses a computer or a network to deliberately observe (without the right to do so) another person’s employment, income, credit, or any other monetary information.
  • Computer trespassing includes disabling removing or causing a malfunction to an unauthorized computer. It is a Class 3 misdemeanor and it carries severe consequences. It is also mentioned to as computer hacking, which includes the breaking into the system to change or alter the current settings.

Penalties Faced for Computer Crimes in Shenandoah Virginia

Because of several crimes you can be charged with under federal and cybercrime laws, you can receive a wide range of penalties depending on whether it was a misdemeanor of felony. In general the people charged with computer crimes in Shenandoah Virginia can face these penalties:

Fines upto $100,000

Prison sentence with the most sever offenses resulting in a jail time of 20 years or may be more.

Probation which might be in addition to jail or fines.