Florida Reckless Driving Lawyer

There are a lot of circumstances that can contribute to a person in Florida suffering a reckless driving offense and the juicy consequences and costs that come with it. There are certain offences that drivers want to have on their list, and it is important to take these factors into account before you get behind the wheel of your car and save yourself a lot of headaches on the road. Like DUI and DWI offenses, reckless driving is probably one of the most negative offenses a driver can commit in Florida or any other state.

In Florida and many other states, reckless driving is one of the worst traffic violations a person can be charged with. The nature of this offence speaks to the driver’s state of mind and goes beyond mere neglect.

When a person does so with blatant disregard, this is typically referred to as reckless driving. Various states define the conditions that define the offense as “reckless driving,” but in Florida, the law clearly prescribes a number of circumstances that constitute it. Those who drive at or below the speed limit get some leeway. This can happen for a number of reasons and conditions.

In the first case, a person is likely to get away with driving disqualification. The law requires that any act that exceeds or falls below the speed limit automatically constitutes reckless driving during a chase or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In many situations, the driver must show reckless disregard for the safety and well-being of others, as well as for his own safety.

To go one step further, when a person receives a reckless driving order that results in any kind of damage to another person or property, the charge can be upgraded to a first-degree misdemeanor. Serious injuries are defined as injuries in which the person is at risk of dying as a result of grievous bodily harm, such as death or serious brain injury. That charge has the potential to upgrade the case to third-degree felony.

In addition to the legal consequences, a person convicted of reckless driving will also have to contend with the consequences of their insurance. Insurers treat offences committed by reckless drivers with the utmost seriousness. A person can almost guarantee that their interest rates will rise. If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance listed in the statute, the offender will be slapped in the face and sentenced to take a mandatory drug test for alcohol, as stated by the court.

Many insurance companies will even choose to drop a driver who has been convicted of serious reckless driving. It is not uncommon for insurance premiums to rise significantly after a negligent homicide.

Reckless driving can be surprisingly positive in certain circumstances. Even if the worst-case scenario is far away, it is important to remember that reckless driving does not always cause death or serious injury.

DUI can be reduced to reckless driving. It is possible to reduce the charge, but the case is unlikely to be thrown out. For example, those who commit a DUI offense are most likely to look to fight it and use the best possible defense to do so.

For example, reckless driving remains on the list for longer and is punished with red flags during background checks.

A DUI misdemeanor can prevent a person from receiving work benefits or financial assistance, loans, housing or rental housing in the state of Florida. Many insurance companies drop a driver from their plans after a DUI violation. It is more likely that a driver has veered off the road before the start of his car. He or she must also participate in DUI drug abuse programs or have his or her license suspended or revoked.

Combating reckless driving should be left to an experienced professional. When all options are weighed up in this way, a downgrade to “reckless driving” is a much better outcome.

There are numerous traffic attorneys in Florida who know and understand the pros and cons of the legal system and can give you the best chance to reduce your charge and get the least severe punishment. A high-quality reckless driving advocate can reduce your fee to a regular speed indicator that pays your court costs and is removed from your permanent directory after completing a Driving Improvement course.

Get in touch with a lawyer if you ever face these allegations. Your lawyer will take up all the provisions of your case and put together the best arguments for a positive outcome. Show your fight by putting on a professional front.