Richmond Virginia Child Pornography Laws

In Richmond Virginia, the laws of child pornography are very strict. In this term the offender force or ask the children to perform the sexual activities including sexual intercourse. There are some federal and state laws for these types of crimes. The people who produce, possess or distribute such type of sexual material which is related to a minor have to face harsh penalties. These materials include the pictures, movies, images or video clips of a minor. The penalties according to the child pornography laws are different between both the federal and state governments.

Child Pornography Federal Law:

According to the federal law, it is defined as a visual depiction including any film, pictures, images, video or any computer generated images or pictures of the sexually explicit conduct in which a person is involved whose age is under 18 years old. The term sexually explicit conduct is defined as bestiality, masochistic abuse, sexual intercourse, sadistic or the lascivious exhibition of the private parts. Along with producing, possessing and distributing the child pornography is the violation of federal government laws in Richmond Virginia.

However, to become an offense according to the federal government the distribution needs to affects the foreign commerce and the interstate.  There is some action that affects the foreign and interstate commerce including the following

  • Using the common services just like postal to send any video, pictures of child pornography stuff in state or at international level.
  • Using the internet services jut to send and receive the child pornography material both within the state our outside the country as well.
  • Using any computer or device that can be travel within a state or at international level such as the producer or creator of the child pornography may be living in one state and he or she will ship the material to another state or country just to send, download or view the child pornography things. The person who will break the laws of the federal government by producing, distributing the child pornography he or she has to face a 5-year prison which will be no more than 20 years.

According to the child pornography laws if the individual break the rules and regulation then it can result in a charge, penalties that may be double in length.

Difference Between State And Federal Law:

There is a big difference between the state and federal law is that according to the federal law the age of consent doesn’t consider. The state laws track most closely to with the federal law. Distribution of child pornography is considered an illegal act according to both state and federal law. Any person who will distribute any sexual videos, pictures, images or any other data of a minor under the 18 will be considered a criminal.

The penalties for distribution and possession of a minor pornography are different between both state and federal laws. According to the federal laws, the penalties are harsher as compared to state laws.

Being charged with distribution and possession of this act is a very serious issue which can destroy your life.