Sexual Battery Law in Prince William Virginia

In Prince William, Virginia there are a lot of crimes which are being charged under the category of sexual battery. All these crimes are very serious and sometimes the person convicting these crimes has to face difficult legal situations. The reason is that both violent and sexual components are involved in these crimes. So everybody must remember that these crimes can place long-term effects on the social and the personal life of a person. In this article, sexual battery law in Prince William Virginia will be discussed in detail. Let’s have a look at these laws.

Situations of Sexual Battery in Prince William

The section code 18.2-67.4 states all the conditions in which a person can be charged with sexual battery punishments. The person can be involved in touching or any of the below mention situations can be true.

  • The age of the victim is less than 13 years.
  • The sexual abuse is clear through the exploitation of the victim and also through the physical defenselessness and mental inability.
  • The suspect can be the parent, grandparent, and step-parent and the age of the victim is between 13 to 17 years.
  • The conduct of the suspect is opposite to the desire of the victim and it is done by force.
  • The suspect is causing the serious mental and bodily injury to the victim.
  • The individual is using a weapon to threaten the victim.

Punishments for Sexual Battery

According to the sexual battery law in Prince William Virginia, the person found guilty of the sexual battery felony can be sent to prison from 1 to twenty years and the possible fine can be about USD 100,000. The confession of this felony will have a long-lasting impact on the person’s life. Besides, imprisonment and the fine the person will be registered as a sex offender. It means that once the person is free from jail and the fine, his name will be entered in the national registry and it will restrict you on many places such as where you work and live. In the society, you will be branded as a sex offender.

The Penalties can be more serious and harsh

There are some situations in which there is no chance of shortening and suspension of the charges for sexual battery. It may happen when the person has a previous conviction for any sexual assault felonies which are mentioned as below.

  • The person committing this offense is more than 18 years old.
  • He has the knowledge of minors.
  • He is committing the crimes against nature.
  • He is involved in the rape.
  • He has a sexual intercourse with his own grandchild or child.

If you are being charged with any of these felonies then you can speak to a trusted and experienced sexual battery defense lawyer in Prince William, Virginia. The lawyer will work with the accused and his family and will try hard for the dismissal of the case and also penalties that you have received.