Shenandoah Virginia Robbery Laws

According to Virginia Code 18.2-58 robbery laws any individual commit theft by fractional strangling, or choking, or by striking or beating, or by other ferocity to the individual, or by attack or otherwise putting a person in fear of severe bodily harm, or by the warning or presenting of weapons, or other lethal weapon or instrumentality whatsoever, he will be guilty of a felony and will be punished by imprisonment in a state correctional facility for life or any term not less than five years.

In Shenandoah Virginia, robbery is one of the most severe types of stealing someone can be accused with and therefore brings severe penalties if sentenced. A theft sentence is going to remain on a person’s record always. Like other criminal sentences in Shenandoah Virginia, robbery can never be erased and definitely, there is an adverse implication in society related with theft. No one wants to be a target of violence and theft is seen as a crime of violence.

What Institutes Robbery in Shenandoah Virginia?

Shenandoah Virginia states theft-related crimes into three general groups: larceny, robbery and burglary. According to robbery laws, it is a felony crime that needs someone to have committed a robbery and also a crime of violence, or a risk of violence, to be sustained. According to Section 18.2-58 of robbery laws an individual might be found guilty of the crime of robbery if they rob an individual of good or money over:

  • Violence, with blocking, beating, striking, to the victim, or;
  • Attack, such as putting the victim in fear of severe physical harm, or;
  • Threatening to use or waving a deadly firearm, such as a gun.

Because of serious nature of the robbery crime and its general structure as a violent crime, robbery sentences can result in severe legal consequences ranging from five years to life in prison.

First Degree Robbery

According to robbery laws in Shenandoah Virginia if you either use violence against the victim or intimidate lethal force with the existence of a weapon, you could face more severe first degree robbery charge. If you are sentenced of this charge, you could face 10 years to life in jail.

Second Degree Robbery

According to robbery laws in Shenandoah Virginia if in the charge of a robbery, you put the suspected victim in fear of physical injury or if you use a drug, electric shock, or other such means to temporarily incapacitate the victim, you could be accused with second degree robbery.

Once you get arrested on doubt of theft, you can anticipate to be treated as a violent suspect, due to the nature of this crime. People will judge you long before you have your time in court. It’s at what time you are up against charges like this in which a defense attorney can be a true asset. If you are punished of any robbery crime, you will face a mandatory least sentence of 3 years. This means, irrespective of your punishment you will serve at least 3 years of it with no chance of trial or bail. If this isn’t your first sentence, that compulsory minimum sentence could be increased to 5 years.