Six Point Violations

Six Point Violations – Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

In Virginia, the Virginia Department of a motor vehicle developed a point system to prevent the continuous violation of law by the drivers. If an individual simply gets charged for the crime at the moment, then sometimes it happens that some individuals try to benefit from the laws. However, if there are punishment systems present which can have serious effects on the daily life routine of a person. On the other hand, the individuals who do not perform the law violations intentionally, these strict Virginia laws of traffic becomes difficult to deal.

Here arises the question that what are the six points violations – Virginia department of a motor vehicle? In Virginia traffic section laws, imply certain points on your license after the violation of traffic rules. For every type of traffic violation, there are specific points assigned to the driving license on the accused individual. After reaching certain limits, the court suspends or revokes the license of the individual. The six points violations – Virginia department of the motor vehicle are allocated on the license of an individual if the person is found involved in the reckless driving offense. These violation points remain on the driving license of a person for up to 2 years.

The suspension of driving license by six points violation – Virginia department of motor vehicle depends upon

  1. A limited number of points which are implied on the driving license within a given period.
  2. The age of the individual.
  3. The type of crime against which the points are allocated.

The accumulation of these violation points can result in the revocation and suspension of the driving license. If the individual is an adult and has achieved the limit of six points violation – Virginia department of motor vehicle, then he or she may get the penalty of license suspension. For an adult, if he or she gets 12 points in a year or 18 DMV points in 24 months, then the individual have to attend the driver improvement clinic within the period of 90 days. On the other hand, if he or she fails to attend the driver improvement clinic then the driving license will be suspended. Moreover, six points violation – Virginia department of the motor vehicle will also be allocated on the license when the person is involved in driving under influence (DUI).

These violation points on your driving license will be present for up to two years from the date of your conviction. However, sometimes it remains on your driving report for the longer period of time which depends upon the severity of the offense. For example, if you are accused of the crime of driving under influence (DUI) with drugs or alcohol then the points and offense will remain on your driving report for up to 11 years.

If you or any of your friend is convicted of a crime of six DMV points, then it is necessary to contact with Virginia traffic lawyer, who has expertized and knowledge of Virginia traffic laws. Hiring an experienced lawyer for your case proceedings will prevent you from losing your driving license and the consequences related to the suspension or revocation of license.