Virginia Driving With A Suspended License Lawyer

The law states that a person cannot drive until their suspension or revocation is lifted, their privilege to drive is restored, they apply for a so-called restricted license And it will be shown to them. Driving under probation means someone has behaved badly or has been told by a court not to drive for a period of time.

In situations where people are banned from driving or have their driving license revoked, they can be charged with new offences which result in a number of serious penalties and increase the withdrawal. For this reason, we encourage anyone accused of driving with a suspended license to seek the advice of a driving or suspended Virginia attorney to help build a defense and minimize the harm as much as possible. An experienced traffic lawyer can also help you understand the limitations of driving if you are allowed to operate a vehicle legally. Virginia statutes prohibit a person from driving without a valid driver’s license.

The Statute then provides for a number of exceptions. Without a driver’s license, someone who does not have a Virginia license but is able to show a valid driver’s license if stopped by police and the law accepts people who can present a driver’s license from another jurisdiction. An exception applies to non-residents. A person who has submitted or is in the process of submitting his license to another state is exempt from the prohibition and penalties provided for in this section.

The exception provided by the law extends to foreign drivers, regardless of whether you have a foreign driving license or only someone who holds a non-state driving license.

Anyone driving on a Virginia road should be able to show their driver’s license and show it to an officer. If he or she is unable or has behaved in such a way that he or she has supplied or produced to the officer, or if it has been determined that he or she has not driven without a license, they face a fine of up to $1,000 and / or six months in prison or both. Someone who does not have their driver’s license, even if they have it sitting at home, would be charged under that subsection and should seek counseling from a suspended attorney for driving in Virginia. This is what the DMV representative himself often does.

Cases where no licence is granted at all are treated more seriously. The cases where a license has been granted, if at all, are not.

A third or subsequent offence within 10 years must be punishable by at least 10 days in prison. Complicated criminal records in other circumstances will also be punished more harshly.

The court will not impose a day in jail, but it must suspend a person’s driving license and impose a suspension of up to 90 days if they are behind the wheel while driving. This shows that restrictions and additional penalties can be imposed if the case of injury is serious enough to save life, limb or property. Does it make sense to drive with a licence that is blocked?

If a person’s driving licence has already been revoked, the consequences of driving without a licence can be quite serious. If you are charged with driving without a license or driving without a license, talk to a Virginia attorney who will suspend the license. Their lawyers can try to lighten the sentences handed down to individuals. An experienced traffic lawyer can work tirelessly to defend your rights. A Virginia attorney will cooperate with you within hours or even days.